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The planet Uranus
The varying layers of the planet uranus, including the capital of the Universe, which appears at its centre from this perspective.

Uranus, also known as qalu or George is the seventh planet orbiting the Sun and the location of the capital of the Universe. It is one of three populated celestial bodies in the Solar System. The official language of Uranus is Uranian, and the official beverage is juice.

Uranus is the only known planet with a single government. Despite being a novel concept to humanity, the government of Uranus is officially laissez-faire capitalist and has been since its inception.[1] The government consists of a legal system concerning primarily property rights and a police force to enforce these property rights.[2]

As all of the land on Uranus is owned by God and Constituents, God is the de facto head of state on Uranus.[1]


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